Client Testimonials

Gary Hall has provided Truckstop/Travel Plaza Industry consulting and expert witness services to clients nationwide.

Read what our past clients have to say about Gary Hall Associates:

I think our successful history of working together best expresses why I believe your firm affords the most reliable expertise available regarding truck stop operations, economics, competition and trends. Your understanding of truck stop layout and access issues is invaluable for the information you provide to me (or any other appraiser who desires to appraise a truck stop).

Tom Harris    H&S Appraisal, LLC   

Mr. Hall provided our appraiser and reviewer with general (non-confidential) truck stop financial information, industry practices and valuation guidelines, analysis of specific comparable sales and operating data evaluation. Mr. Hall’s industry associations and real-life experience as a truck stop operator, buyer, seller and consultant give him objectivity and expertise, which contributed significantly to CDOT’s ROW [Right of Way] process.

Nancy    Appraisal Supervisor, Colorado DOT   

I am writing to thank you for all of your hard work and valuable information provided regarding the maintenance and standards of truck stops to me for the above matter. Your insight and knowledge was extremely helpful to me in evaluating the case and negligence of the owners of the truck stop where our client was injured.

Benjamin H. Whitley    Whitley Law Firm, Raleigh, NC   

We hired Gary Hall to provide expertise to assist in our acquisition of a travel center facility (Truck Stop) in Denver, Colorado. His knowledge of travel center facilities as well as the fuel industry has been invaluable to us at CDOT in understanding the nuances of this special use property.

Allen    Appraiser, Colorado DOT   

Mr. Hall provided valuable industry insight and practical operating advice that aided in a smooth opening. He was instrumental in connecting us with the leading company in the industry who ultimately entered into a joint venture with us for this facility. Today we have been in this joint venture for approximately 18 months and have seen significant increases in both gallons sold as well as inside sales, both up over 70% year on year.

Alexander Haller    Managing Partner, Sira Hospitality, LLLP   

Condemnation cases involving truck stops can benefit greatly from the testimony of a person with Mr. Hall's experience in that industry. I look forward to working with Mr. Hall again- on either side of the case- because his expert opinion adds value to a condemnation trial.

Paul J. Sundermier    Oregon Trial Attorney   

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